From 9 September to 9 November

Fourth edition of the international festival Art & Gavarres

Cartell Art & Gavarres

International Festival of Art and Landscape in the Gavarres 2021

Art & Gavarres is a festival based on the idea that art can be a tool to help us reflect and change our view of the landscape. We relate art and nature to publicize this protected natural space and put it in value.

Participating artists create works in situ with natural materials for a week. We invite you to visit us and discover these ephemeral artistic interventions, entering the Gavarres.

The works can be visited until nature itself, over time, erases them.


Edition 2021

Without going too far

A year of pandemic and the successive confinements experienced - homes, municipalities, counties - have made us rediscover our closest environment.
Suddenly, we realized that there are plants and animals very close to us that we have observed since the windows, balconies or terraces of the house. And we have missed the landscapes that accompany us every day in our vital commutes to work or leisure.
It has seemed to us that nature has reconquered spaces, although in many cases we have simply had more time to look at her.

Paradoxically, when we were able to leave the house, the outdoor space became the shelter, spacious and ventilated, where we could feel safe. Without other options for enjoyment, and without being able to go far, the most immediate natural environment has been filled with all of us, becoming a valuable and appreciated space. This sudden overcrowding has had impacts such as loss of calm, drowsiness, erosion on the trails or the abandonment of waste.
That nearby things can also be beautiful and we have them next door, but that it is difficult for us to learn to enjoy them without damaging them is the line of reflection that we have proposed to this year's artists so that they can do their artistic actions.