Imatge Juliette  Murphy

Juliette Murphy

English artist born in London but now lives in the Empordà, a border area that is marked by the the Tramuntana winds. Her work is nourished by the landscape and the history of the visible and underlying myths of its environment. She dives into and is inspired by Mediterranean archeology and in ancient texts that even though they come from antiquity, are just as relevant today as they were then.

Imatge Petra Vlasman

Petra Vlasman

Graduate of Fine Art (photography, drawing and painting). She is active in the art world in various ways. As an artists, since 1995 she has taken part in exhibitions of her paintings, photos, collages and installations. As an assessor and designer of educational art projects, she has worked for different museums in the Netherlands and in Catalunya planning and giving guided tours and art workshops. As a teacher, she guides children, young people and adults to make photos, videos, collage, drawing, painting and art appreciation. In nature and in her studio, she makes assemblages, layering images and objects that only exist through the act of photographing them. She takes the works apart after they are photographed in order to reuse the materials. She likes to play with resistance and coincidences between reality and the representations and interpretations of reality, creating manual collages without the use of digital editing programmes. Surrealism inspires her and permits her to allow unconscious to have a great influence on her while working when a déjà vu or a dream might be the beginning of and the accumulation of the association of images.

Work presented: