Imatge Aleix Gorgorió

Aleix Gorgorió

Llicenciat en arquitectura superior per la Universitat Ramon Llull La Salle (Barcelona)
Cofundador i director creatiu a Rem Studio i Lighthink Lab
President de Pimec Joves Girona

Work presented:

Lighthink Lab was born in the summer of 2014 after winning the first prize at the FIMG (International Mapping Festival of Girona). This multidisciplinary laboratory
of ephemeral architecture, audiovisual creation and mapping is run by an architect, a programmer and an audiovisual creator who have created projects all around Europe in which technology is used to narrate a story or to develop a project. These range from large scale mapping to micromapping in shop windows, on objects and even in nature, ephemeral light  installations and museum projects, they have won prizes in different festival and competitions.