Imatge Jofre Oliveras & Martí Ferrer

Jofre Oliveras & Martí Ferrer

Imatge Jofre  Oliveras

Jofre Oliveras

Jofre Oliveras bases his research and work in public spaces,
understanding public space not only as the common place designated for society, also the space where communication is possible, regardless its status: legal/illegal, natural/artificial or virtual/physical.

Jofre Oliveras understand the landscape as a part of the art work, therefore need a constant research of new concepts and contexts. The materials and techniques are conditioned by the environment, because the realisation of an idea implies the assimilation of a new connection with space.

Jofre Oliveras defines art as a comunication process derived from human sensitivity. He thinks that art must be a tool to define the needs for change in people, society and the historical context. Through image as a language, he uses satire to critique social convictions and conventionalism.

Work presented: