Imatge Panos Mitsopoulos

Panos Mitsopoulos

Panos Mitsopoulos graduated at the Rietveld Academy of Fine Arts in 2004 in Amsterdam where he has been living and working for the last 20 years. Themes of his work are “Cosy Cages”, “Passage” and “Borders”. He has presented his work in several solo and group exhibitions. In 2007 he started the project “Crossing the Mediterranean” during which he presents work at major Mediterranean ports. At each harbour he creates a new artistic installation and organizes workshops with locals.

Imatge Nienke Brokke

Nienke Brokke

Nienke graduated in 1997 at Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, in the field of theatre design.
As theatre is always a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ Nienke likes to involve multiple art disciplines which together form a whole.
The visual work of Nienke Brokke always has a context with a narrative element. Thanks to this narrative side, Nienke Brokke also designs education projects, in addition to landart and theater decors. Nienke is active in her local Neighbourhood as well as in formal and informal education. The variety of activities Nienke organises can be from stop-motion-animation to life size sand-castling. Always she encourages the participants to involve their own stories and become artistic owners too.
Nienke’s natural habitat is in nature, encouraging creativity.
In landscapes she searches for contrasts in shape, meaning and or gender.

Work presented: