Imatge Mireia Zantop

Mireia Zantop

Transdisciplinary artist. Her initial training and practice was centred in Fine Arts with exhibitions of her graphic and pictorial work and installations. At present she is a member of various performance art collectives and she combines teaching with her personal visual, poetic and performative works. Her working path centres on different body languages, identity relations, the nature of nature, that conjugate with the semantic processes implicite to the creative process and that she from different perspective in interdisciplinary actions and ephemeral installations.

Imatge Aleix  Antillach Leix

Aleix Antillach Leix

Architect and transdisciplinary artist. His creative experience ranges from large buildings to the design of public space, to small sculptures, passing through video art, drawing and installations, all of them versions of a same thing, that he likes to call pieces. As an architect he has collaborated for more than a decade with EMBA - Estudi Massip-Bosch Architects a much awarded studio that is based in Barcelona. His artistic work inherits the architectonic dialogue from technique, sensibility and culture, and this takes him to the field of the contemplation and nature. Space, complexity and fundamental questions are three of his habitual prime materials.
From 2013, he prioritised the transdisciplinary, presenting installations videos and mixed works in diverse festivals. From 2015 he presents his object works regularly in individual exhibitions.At present he alternates artistic creation with professional architectural practice. He is a member of dels Polissons, a performative-musical project, an invited artists at la La Roda d'Art, that organises various study centres in Camp de Tarragona and he directs a the Fine Arts programme at the Convent of the Arts of Alcover.

Work presented:

Artista transdisciplinar. Formació i pràctica inicial centrada en les arts visuals, amb exposicions d'obra gràfica, pictòrica i instal·lacions. En l'actualitat forma part de diversos col·lectius d'art d'acció i combina la docència amb els projectes personals de la seva obra visual, poètica i performativa.
La seva trajectòria gira entorn dels diferents llenguatges del cos, les relacions identitàries, les natures de la natura, que conjuga amb els processos semàntics implicats en el procés creatiu i que desenvolupa des de diferents perspectives en accions interdisciplinàries i instal·lacions efímeres.