Imatge Jette Mellgren

Jette Mellgren

Our practice is based on a personal commitment to the landscape. The work is inspired by our relationship with nature, celebrating the essence of our experience with the natural world. We have been trained as basketmakers, a tradition that is linked to functionality and use. We work to create complex sculptural objects that move beyond their conceptual form. We work with natural materials we find in nature and that inspire us and this determines the nature of our work, its form and scale. We use natural fibers and found materials, using weaving, sewing and printing techniques to create textures and structures. Our interest in nature can be understood as compassion for humanity and for many years we have had the  privilege of working in other cultures, among them, the people of the Lango in their own environment in Uganda, Africa.

Imatge Jan  Johansen

Jan Johansen

La nostra pràctica és basat en un compromís personal amb el paisatge. L'obra és inspirada en la nostra relació amb la natura, celebrant l'essència de la nostra experiència del món natural. La nostra formació és en la cistelleria, una tradició vinculada a la funció i la utilitat. Nosaltres treballem en la creació de complexos objectes escultòrics que van més enllà que la seva forma conceptual. Treballem amb materials trobats a la natura que ens inspiren i determinen el caràcter del treball, la seva forma i escala. Fem servir fibres naturals i materials trobats, utilitzant tècniques de teixir, cosir, i empremta per crear textures i estructures. El nostre interès en la natura s'entén a la compassió per la humanitat i durant molts anys hem tingut el gran privilegi de treballar en altres cultures, entre ells persones del Lango en el seu entorn a Uganda, Àfrica.
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Work presented:

Our practice is based on personal engagement with landscape, and our work generates from relationship to nature. Our work celebrates and carries an essence of what we experience in the natural world. Our basic approach to the work is to bring out inherent and hidden qualities of nature and its potential as the bearer of a narrative.

Trained as basketmakers which tradition historically has been connected to function and use, we create work into fancy and sculptural objects, which far exceeds its conceptual form.
We enjoy to find materials in nature. The materials determine the nature of work in a wide range of scale, reflecting what we find and what inspires us in nature. We work with natural fibres and gathered materials, employing techniques as weaving, stitching and print in different combinations to create surfaces and structures. In our process of working handcraft turns into mindcraft.

Our passion for nature goes along with our compassion for humanity. For many years we have had a great privilege to work with other cultures, especially the Lango people in their environment in Uganda, Africa. Working in close consultation with other cultures means respect and enrichment, which leads to a spacious mind and improve our creative freedom. is our company, which carries out cultural and sculptural projects - in land and out land. The company's aim is to create cultural activity and aesthetic experiences for everyone through sculpture installations and artworks - so nature, art and culture meet in a beautiful association. sets art and culture free from institutions and into new and popular settings. With playful experiences, new and crucial signals visitors are introduced into the landscape, thereby “enlarging”, "framing" and “submerging nature” - so that we all experience nature in a new way.