From 6 April to 24 June

Second edition of the international festival Art & Gavarres

International Festival of Art and Landscape in the Gavarres 2020

Art & Gavarres is a project that is centred on the idea that art can be a way to help us to think about, and to transform the way we understand landscape. We invite you to come to this event to discover the ephemeral artistic interventions, situated within the territories of the Gavarres massif, where art and nature are brought together in such a way to allow visitors to discover for themselves and to appreciate this protected part of the Catalan Costal Range.

We have every intention of developing this as an annual event, taking place among the 20 villages and towns that make up the range.

The participating artists, from diverse artistic disciplines will create a work “in situ” during a week-long residency, using natural and found materials. Visitors will be able to visit these works of art during the springtime and until they are erased by the elements and the passing of time.

In our programme of parallel activities, there will be round table discussions, presentations, performances and other events with invited artists who will enter into dialogue with the landscape and with the works of art.